Boats & Bikes
            at Bald Eagle State Park

Our Rental Fleet

Pontoon Boats

Four different models are available- 22' - 24' pontoons with 115 hp engines for tubing/skiing/wakeboarding, a 24' party pontoon with a 90 hp engine for tubing/skiing/wakeboarding, a 21' tube/ski pontoon with a 90 hp engine, and 21' cruising/fishing pontoons with 40 hp engines. The 24' seats up to 12 people, while the 21' and 22' boats seat up to 10 people. All are available for hourly, 4-hour, or 8-hour rentals.

Jet Skis

We offer 3-seater jet skis on an hourly basis (discounted rate for 4 hour and 8 hour blocks). Two jet skis are available.  Jet skis are an exciting ride- our Yamaha VX skis have powerful 1100 cc engines.

Fishing Boats and Tiller Motor Boats


***NEW FOR 2016*** Polarkraft Outlander fishing boats accommodate 4 people comfortably. New 40 hp Yamaha 4-stroke engine for quiet, reliable performance.  Console steering, fish finder, livewell, and trolling motor are included.

Tiller motor boats are 16' and accommodate 3 people comfortably. They have quiet, reliable 6 hp Yamaha 4-stroke tiller-steering engines.

Kayaks and Tandem Kayaks

Single kayaks, Sit-In Tandems, and Sit-On tandems are all available.  Life preservers, paddles, and whistles are included.


Each accommodates 2 people. Life preservers, paddles, and whistles are included.

Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Each accommodates 1 person. Life preservers, paddles, and whistles are included.